Member Food Banks
  • Map of Illinois Food Banks
  • Green: Central Illinois Foodbank Serves 160 agencies
  • Red: Eastern Illinois Foodbank Serves 186 agencies
  • Gray: Greater Chicago Food Depository Serves 600 agencies
  • Yellow: Northern Illinois Food Bank Serves 510 agencies
  • Blue: Peoria Area Food Bank Serves 125 agencies
  • Orange: River Bend Foodbank Serves 100 agencies (in IL)
  • Brown: St. Louis Area Foodbank Serves 160 agencies (in IL)
  • Purple: Tri-State Food Bank Serves 44 agencies (in IL)

Feeding Illinois is…

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Fighting Hunger

In 2011, the Feeding Illinois food bank network:

  • Distributed 120 million pounds of food through a network of 2,000 pantries, soup kitchens and shelters.

  • Served an estimated 1.4 million people in Illinois in 2011- a staggering 61% increase since the recession began.

  • Helped more than 2,600 people apply for SNAP benefits, bringing in an estimated $5.6 million in federal assistance.

  • Provided 2.9 million meals to children through after-school or summer programs, back-pack programs and Kids Cafes.

  • Participated in the creation of a statewide Commission to End Hunger that will create a two-year plan to address hunger in Illinois.